The Badgy display server. Acts as a front to Domoticz and the National Weather Service

Updated 1 week ago

An update of the rocket nozzle simulator originally posted at This version runs as a stand-alone Application, since Applets are now obsolete.

Updated 2 months ago

Version 0.1.1 and later of the Java port of Thomas Hinkle's Gourmet Recipe Manager. Runs stand-alone as a Spring Boot application

Updated 4 months ago

A JEE web-based version of the Gourmet Recipe Manager by Thinkle. WAR version using Tobago JSF (Version 0.0.1). Superseded by Spring Boot (Primefaces) version 0.1.1.

Updated 4 months ago

Swamp cooler control with LoRa telemetry

Updated 10 months ago

Android app to monitor BLE data from a solar charging system

Updated 11 months ago

Updated 3 years ago

A "sunrise" lighting system that gets its cues via WiFi

Updated 4 years ago

Extensions to the GSM3 Arduino library for simple Email sending. To be moved to GitHub.

Updated 4 years ago

An OSGi component for Apache ServiceMix that scans for selected emails, strips out useless items, reformats for readability and then remails the results to me.

Updated 6 years ago